Where to Buy Dry Ice

Surely you have ever heard of dry ice. It is carbon dioxide in the solid-state, frozen at atmospheric pressure at a temperature of -78.5 ° C. The characteristic that makes it more special is that when it “melts” it goes directly to a gaseous state without leaving any type of moisture. Hence it is popular as dry ice.

Characteristics and properties:

Where to Buy Dry Ice
Where to Buy Dry Ice

Dry ice is obtaining from gas generated as a by-product of other industrial processes. Dry ice is producing in combustion plants and fermentation reactions. As mentioned before, it is frozen carbon dioxide.

This very low-temperature gas is capable of being in a solid-state. When sublimated, it does not generate any type of liquid, water, or humidity.

Where to buy Dry Ice?

If you are wondering where to buy dry ice, you can buy it from many grocery stores including Walmart. You can get 1 pound of bags for under $3.

However, there are not all grocery stores that keep stock of dry ice so one of the best options is to order it online. In ordering online, the shipping cost will include.

Can you buy dry ice at the grocery store?

Yes, you can buy it at the grocery store including Costco, Safeway, Albertsons, and H-E-B. Normally, they stock 1-pound bags that cost under $3 each. However, remember not all grocery stores keep sufficient stock so you can order it online but minimum order quantity should be 10 to 25 pounds.

Do they sell dry ice at Walmart?

Yes, Walmart does sell dry ice in all the stores. Usually, they sell Penguin Brand with the 1-pound pack. Penguin dry ice is ideal for emergencies, shipping, transportation, and camping. You can also use it for science projects and experiments.

How much does dry ice cost at Walmart?

The average price of dry ice is between $1 to $3 per pound. At Walmart, they sell pre-made small-sized block dry ice. These small-sized dry ices are usually available at $1.30 to $1.10.

How long will dry ice last?

Dry ice stored in a refrigerator will last 18 to 24 hours. The duration of dry ice depends mainly on the way it is storing and the size.

It never becomes liquid. It goes from the solid-state of -78.5º directly to the gaseous state. Dry ice does not melt. So, it takes dry ice to evaporate around 1 to 3 days.
It is using by transportation companies to pack frozen items that keeps them frozen till they reach their intended destination.

But dry ice is not a food item and should not consume or touched directly. When stored properly, dry ice lasts beyond the date of purchase for approximately.

Of course, dry ice lasts less time if not stored properly. It sublimes at a rate of approximately 5-10 pounds every 24 hours. So, if you need around 15 pounds of dry ice, it is necessary to buy 20 to 25 pounds one day before.

Is it safe to put dry ice in a drink?

Dry ice should not consume. Not only in releases gas but also it burns internally as it turns from a solid to a gas. In a bar, dry ice makes fog and bubbles when submersed into the warm liquid. However, serving a customer any drink with dry ice allows the possibility that the customer can swallow it.

In haute cuisine, dry ice uses to open up a world of possibilities to create exotic dishes of high quality and price. Thanks to the properties of this ice, very interesting and attractive results can achieve for the client.

The most sophisticated chefs can elaborate from original presentations to aromatic mists, cold infusions, textures, and contrasts in drinks, ice creams, foams, and creams, or create striking impressive effects with smoke in elaborate cocktails.

Can you make dry ice at home?

In terms of weight, dry ice is capable of cooling 170% more than conventional ice. This is very interesting in the kitchen field since it can cool products faster.

As the density of dry ice is greater than 1.5 Kg / dm3 and the density of water ice is equal to 0.95 Kg / dm3. It turns out that with an equal volume of ice used, dry ice has a cooling capacity equivalent to 270% compared to traditional ice. This has a critical influence in those places where the volume occupied by the ice is essential, dry ice is the best choice to take advantage of this space.

Dry ice not only has special properties like those mentioned above, but it is also considered a bacteriostatic and fungistatic agent. When its sublimation occurs, an atmosphere generates whose CO2 concentration is so high that an antimicrobial action is exerted. Therefore, it is an excellent gas to slow down the development of bacteria, molds, and yeasts and create a disinfected environment.

This gas is capable of displacing the oxygen present in the atmosphere, inside containers, and in containers, which contributes to improving the biological quality of the places where certain products need to store and preserve.

If you want to see the special effects of dry ice at home, you only have to have the following materials:

– CO2 – carbon dioxide (we can get it from a fire extinguisher)
– A cloth bag or cloth
– An adapter for inflating bicycle wheels

You have to put the cloth bag (it must have pores so that it lets out a little gas) surrounding the extinguisher nozzle or the CO2 cylinder that we are using.
Once we have placed the cloth bag, we let go of the gas so that it enters the bag. When the gas releases, the pressure inside it will automatically freeze it and we will have dry ice.
This dry ice can use to give some impressive effect to our desserts and drinks since when it comes into contact with the water it will sublimate and give rise to that impressive white vapor.

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