How to Clean Vomit From Car

Cleaning messes from a car is regular work. It keeps your car neat and tidy.
But sometimes we feel dirty to clean our car, especially when someone vomits in it.
Vomit doesn’t only make your car dirty but also creates an unbearable odor that remains a long time.
However, if you know how to clean vomit from the car properly, then there will be no dirt as well as any remaining odor.
In this guide, I am going to describe the exact way of removing vomit from the car.
Plus, you can learn how to remove the odor of the vomit at the same time.
So, let’s dive into this step-by-step guide.

How to clean vomit from the car?

In this chapter, I have listed the step by step guide to clean vomit from your car.
Plus, you can learn what equipment you need to clean vomit.
Equipment you need:

  • Face mask
  • Rubber gloves
  • Baking soda
  • Paper towel
  • Microfiber towel
  • Scrub brush

Step 1. Prepare yourself

First, you should be prepared to enter your car to clean up the vomit. Before going into, wear both facemask and rubber gloves to keep yourself from the infection.
If you don’t use them, there is a chance to get sick.

Step 2. Eliminate any material

Make sure you open at least one door of the car. It helps to flow the air into the vehicle.
Here how to remove any material:
First, use the plastic knife to pick up the material. Then, eliminate the dirt with a scoop.
Second, Use the microfiber while scooping to take more of the wet material.
Note: Don’t use any metal scoop instead of plastic as it can damage the fabric.

Step 3. Remove most of the moisture

Try to remove most of the moisture as much as you can as this is the reason for odor. You can use the paper towel to absorb the moisture.

Step 4. Apply baking soda on the affected area

Use baking soda on the affected area. Then wait for half an hour to let the baking soda sit on the stained area.
You can use the knife if the wet dirt form into powder to scoop it. On the other hand, if the moisture is still wet, then use a wet microfiber cloth to remove the stain.

Step 5. Clean the interior properly

Finally, you can clean the vomit from the car. Now, clean the interior of your vehicle properly to make sure there is no dirt or material.
To remove any smell, you can open the door of your car to dry. The longer you keep your car’s door open the better.

How to remove the odor of the vomit?

This chapter lets you know how to remove the acidic smell of the vomit using vinegar, water, baking soda, steam cleaner, and air freshener.
Here we go.
Vinegar and water: Mixed both vinegar and water and apply them to the affected area.
Both these two ingredients help to disinfect your vehicle seats and get rid of the smell.

To remove both the stain and the smell, you need to wear gloves and scrub them. When you clean the vomit completely, open the car window to let airflow through the car. It helps to get rid of the majority of the smell.
Baking soda: There is no need to include how to use this material to remove stain and smell. However, if you don’t know the process of using it, read step 4.

Steam cleaner: Steam cleaner also helps you to remove vomit as well as the odor from the car. You can find this ingredient in your local supermarket or hardware shop.

Odor eliminator: Odor eliminator spray helps you to clean up the vomit within a few minutes.
Air Freshener: It doesn’t matter how properly you clean up the vomit using baking soda or anything else, the smell will remain. So, it is crucial to use air freshener to remove the odor.

How much does it cost to clean vomit in the car?

The cost associate with cleaning vomit typically falls between $20-$150.
For simple cleaning, for example, small dirt, food, and drink, you should pay only $20.
To clean up the vomit that is on the exterior part of the car, it costs you around $40.
It eats up about $80 for cleaning vomit with food and drink spills.
You need to spend about $150 for cleaning up vomit, blood, and urine from the interior of your car.
However, depending on the location and density of the vomit may vary the price.

What gets rid of the smell of sick in a car?

You can get rid of the smell of the sick in a car using vinegar, steam cleaner, air freshener, and so on.
However, following the below process, you can easily remove the odor of the sick.
Apply Vinegar method
First, you need to mix both vinegar and water in a pot.
Second, Spray the mixed water in the affected area.
Three, wait a few minutes to let sit the water.
Fourth, Repeat this method a few times if there remains the smell.
Finally, clean the car seat with a leather cleaner.

Does vomit smell disappear?

Yes, the vomit smell disappears over time. You can use the above process I have enlisted above to remove the odor of the vomit.

What gets rid of vomit smell?

You already know what gets rid of vomit smell. Vinegar, baking soda, air freshener, steam cleaner, and son can help you to eliminate the odor of the vomit.


Removing vomit from a car is a simple task. Anyone can eliminate the vomit using these ingredients including baking soda, vinegar, water, paper brush, facemask, and so on.
Particularly, you can get rid of the vomit effectively following the below guide.

  • Prepare yourself
  • Eliminate any material
  • Remove most of the moisture
  • Apply baking soda
  • Clean the interior properly

For removing the odor of the vomit, you can use vinegar or baking soda.
However, if you don’t want to do this work by yourself, you can take a clean up service spending $20-$150.

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