How Much Does a Smart Car Weigh

A smart car is smaller in comparison with other vehicles. Due to its small size and structure, this makes to think how much does a smart car weighs. The smart car has been designed since 1998. This car has specially designed for better safety in mind. According to a test crash, this car remains intact after an accident at 70 mph.

Besides, the smooth movement of this car makes us understand that it is the lightest car in the market. But how much light is it? In this guide, I am going to cover the answer to that question.

So, let’s get started right here.

How much does a smart car weigh?

According to an estimate, a smart car weighs between 1500-2094 pounds.
But do you know the weight of the smart car in kg?
If we covert the value, the weight of your vehicle will be 680.3-949.8 kg.
So, you get the answer to the question.
However, car manufacture companies design a car based on the specific weight limit.

Why should you know the weight of a car?

Before buying a car, consider the weight of it. It lets you understand whether the vehicle will be safe or not.
If you cross the weight limit, it may be a reason for many possible problems.

If you overload your car, it can impact on the component of your vehicle. For example, it could make the wheel unresponsive. As a result, it will be challenging for you to control the car.
Besides, it may be a reason for break-failing or slow down the car speed. Also, extra weight can be a reason for tire exploding. Therefore, the excess weight can lead you to a crash as you may not control the car.

So, it is crucial to know the weight of the car to avoid the potential danger.

How can you know the weight of a smart car?

To know the accurate weight of a car, visiting the car website is the best way.
You can’t get only the weight of the car but also know about other specifications of it.
However, if you are looking for an alternative process, then follow the below guideline.

Contact the car manufacturer

If you want to know the correct weight of the car, contact the car company. Call on the company’s customer service number or send an email to their support email. In a second, you can get all the information you should know.

Check the car door

Most of the companies write down the detail of a car on the label. You can find the label on the door near the driver’s seat. Also, don’t forget to check the rocker panel to find out the label tag.

Use a scale

Still don’t know the weight of your smart car?
You can use a digital scale to measure the weight of your vehicle.

Check the manual

Generally, the car manufacturer provides the detail of the car in the manual. So, check the manual to know the weight of your car.

How much does a Smart Car Fortwo weigh?

The ForTwo is the latest smart car on the market. The average weight of the ForTwo is 1940 pounds. If we convert the value in kg, then the weight will be 879.9 kg. The M281 13 engine and the speed transmission are the reason for the bulk weight of this car. Seats, dashboards, and other interiors parts are also increasing the weight of this smart car.
Moreover, the safety feature of this car also adds weight to the calculation.

How much does the average car weigh?

Surprisingly, the average car weighs is only 2871 pounds. If we convert the value into kg, then the average weight will be 1302 kg.
On the other hand, if we change the value into the ton, then the car weight will be 1.43 tons.

Smart Car weight limit

The average smart car weight limit is between 480-518 lbs.
However, the weight limit of a smart car may vary from model to model.
For example, the weight limit for Pure is 518 pounds. For Passion, the load limit is 507 pounds.
According to resources, the official weight limit of a smart car is under 600 pounds.
So, don’t overload or exceed the weight limit for a safe drive.


So, you get the answer to the question of how much does a smart car weighs. The average weight of a Fortwo car is 1500 pounds.
It is very crucial to know the weight of the car. Because every vehicle has a specific weight limit. If you exceed the limit, it may fall you in danger.
In the above, we discuss how to know the exact weight of a car. For your convenience, we break it down here again.

  • Visit the car website
  • Contact the car manufacturer
  • Check the car door
  • Check the manual
  • Use a scale

Always try to carry the load that meets the weight limitation. A smart car can carry 480-518 lbs. So, don’t overload your Smart Car. Otherwise, it leads you to the crash.

General FAQ

How heavy is the smart car?

The smart car is 1500 pounds heavy.

How much does a Smart Car ForTwo weigh?

The average weight of a Smart Car ForTwo is 1631 pounds.

What is the lightest car in the world?

LCC Rocket is the lightest car in the world

How much does the average car weigh?

The average car weight is 2871 pounds.

Are smart cars good in the snow?

Smart cars should be good in the snow if you use good tires. However, it is challenging to find out good tires.

How fast can a Smart Car go?

A smart car can go 84 mph.

Is a lightweight smart car safe?

The smart car is the safest vehicle on the road. The components of this car make it comfortable and safe.


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